What Is Perslice?

Perslice is our revolutionized perfect slice cake cutter. We take all your bulky old cake knives, servers, cutters, and toss them all into one little neat product to compliment your parties and give you a perfect slice of cake each time. Just turn the dial to the desired size and slice away!

How is it different from other cake cutters?

Perslice isn’t just a run of the mill cake cutter. Perslice will cut your cake into even slices every time, with none left over. You cut your cake, pick up, and serve, all in one simple easy to use device.

How many slices can I cut?

With our Perslice you can cut as many as 14, 16, 20, 24, & all the way up to 30 perfectly clean-cut slices. Just turn the dial to any portion you need for your event.

Who can use Perslice?

Anyone and everyone! Perslice is so easy to use that it can be found in top bakeries or the kitchens of at home hobbyists. If you have a cake, Perslice is perfect for you.

If I have a large cake will Perslice handle it?

Perslice can cut any large and standard cakes going up to a radius of 10 inches.

How does it work?

Simply just pick up your Perslice and turn the dial to the right size slice, press straight down onto your cake, push the lever down to take the spatula out, pick up and serve. It’s just that easy!

Can I toss Perslice into a Dishwasher after a Party?

Of course! Perslice is not only great for the kitchen, but safe for it as well. It’s been built to handle all your party fiascos and the heat from your dishwasher.

What if I want to Hand wash it?

Go for it! The Perslice is easy to wash. Just pinch the base of the blades and lift, they come right off. Incase things got a tad too crazy we also included a brush to get the frosting out of all the tiny space and cracks might find their way into while slicing cake.

What is Perslice made of?

Perslice is made of plastic that has been approved to be used in the kitchen and dishwasher, along with any harsh environment it may be exposed to within the kitchen.

What if my kids get a hold of it, do I need to worry about them getting hurt?

Not at all. The blades included with Perslice, although a perfect cake slicer, is not sharp enough to penetrate or hurt anyone, so if your kids decide to get in on the fun you won’t have to worry a bit!

Can I cut a cake with a portion that is not shown on the dial? For example, 17?

We recommend that when using Perslice, you cut with only the options available as we have designed the dial to make specific sizes for the circumference of the cake. Putting the dial somewhere that is not specified will not cut your cake into an even amount.

Is Perslice able to cut my wedding cake?

Of Course! Perslice is the perfect cake slicer for all your cake cutting needs whether it be a wedding cake, birthday cake, or just one of your festive parties.

Can I cut a sheet cake with Perslice?

Not yet, but we have an add on for Perslice coming out soon to cut a sheet cake, so stay tuned!

Can I cut a pizza with it?

We suggest you keep the cutting with Perslice to standard desserts but be on the look for our pizza cutter coming soon!

Is it possible to cut a Pie with Perslice?

If you take the pie out of the metal tin then, Yes!

Can I cut an Ice cream cake with Perslice?

If you place the blades in some hot water for about a minute beforehand, Perslice can cut and serve just as great.

How tall of a cake can I cut with Perslice? Is there a size to high?

How high can you bake? Perslice can handle cakes about 2.5 inches taller than the actual product thanks to the support of the blades, yet we still recommend you don't go with too tall of a cake.

Where can I use Perslice?

Perslice, your soon to be cake cutter, can be taken and used anywhere, have an Office party coming up? Perslice can make things easier, maybe it’s your Birthday party? Perslice will cut your party cake just how you want it, maybe you just have a baking hobby? Perslice will keep away the clutter of all these knives and servers in just one product. It’s the one stop shop for all your cutting and serving utensils.

How much is Perslice?

Currently Perslice is selling at the lowest price of $16.99.

Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Yes, Perslice accepts all major Debit and Credit cards.

How much is Shipping and handling?

Free shipping and handling for all orders within the continental USA, not including Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

I own a patisserie in France, can you ship out to me?

Without problem! Perslice also ships internationally to any bakery shop or cake enthusiast across the globe. All you need is to pay the shipping and handling fee which varies depending on locations.

What Currency are these prices in?

U.S. dollars

What comes in the box?

Besides our appreciation, the box comes with 1 Perslice, 2 blades, 1 cleaning brush, and an instructional pamphlet.

How Long does shipment take once I place an order?

Once you purchase your very own Perslice, we use standard shipping and it will be right at your door and in your kitchen within 5-7 business days. If you are outside the continental US, then these time frames will vary.

Can I cancel my order?

Why you would want to cancel your order is beyond us, but if you must, you must, and the option is certainly available.

Are refunds available?

Yes, if something happens and you must give up the best kitchen tool around, you will get a full refund.

How do I put my Perslice together once I receive it in the mail?

Once you get your perfect cake slicer in the mail, all you have to do is press the blades into place and there you have it, ready for slicing.

What Happens if I Receive a damaged Product?

If you have received a damaged product, send it back. We will inspect the product and send back a brand new one. At no extra cost for you.

How can I get in Contact with Perslice Customer service?

You can reach out to us on our email at or reach out to us on our social media @Perslice, find us on Instagram, twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and yelp!

Where is Perslice company located?

We have our offices set in Paramount, California.

I want to sell Perslice or one of its other products in my store, what is the best way to do so?I want to sell Perslice or one of its other products in my store, what is the best way to do so?

If you are interested in learning more, or want to get in contact for bulk orders, kindly contact for more information on how.

How do I get a receipt for online orders?

Once your order is placed you will be emailed one to the email you provided during the order processed.

How do I get updates on my order?

With the email you provided in the ordering process, we will send a confirmation order to confirm your order. Once we print your shipping label and pass it off to the post office, we will send you a notification on the process along with a tracking number. Soon enough you will have your own Perslice!

Can I order Perslice from my Samsung?

Yes! You can order on our site from a computer, laptop, or on any mobile device.

Can I find Perslice in my local stores like Walmart?

Currently we are not, but we will be soon in a store near you so get ready.

Do you offer any other products besides Perslice?

We offer an arrange of other baking supplies, but Perslice cake cutter is our top product.

Does your site include any easy dessert recipes to try?

Yes! We have a blog that gives you easy baking tips and tricks all about baking, using our Perslice, recipes, decorating tips, and much more!

How often are contests?

Contests for Perslice do not have a set Schedule, we will announce when one is coming up.

Where can I get more info about contests?

Follow our Instagram account to see when we have a contest coming, and to see additional rules and ways to enter.

Can anyone participate in Contests?

Unfortunately contest prizes can only be shipped within the continental U.S. due to rules and regulations, because of this we can only allow participants to be from this area.

How many Prizes can I get?

Only one prize per household, per year.

What are the rules and regulations?

For more info about our contest rules and regulations, head on over to our tab to learn more about it.