Everything a person needs who loves to bake.

Everything a person needs who loves to bake.

My kitchen has seen many transformation of style and equipment that I had thought “I can’t live without this!” just to finally realize, all I am doing is adding and not being completely strategic with my tools. My main interest in the kitchen is baking, other than the random snack I might be in there to grab, I don’t do a lot of cooking for myself because I tend to overcook or make a huge mess which I am not fond of cleaning up.

So, when I went through my kitchen gear I began laying out the items I had used in the past year to see if any of the rest of it was needed. I really needed to purge but that is a separate article for another time.

On one side of dining room table I put my must haves, these are things I use more than once a year. Most of these things are baking aparatice and a few basic cooking tools which I feel are good to hold onto. On the other side of the table I laid out all of the things that I either, have not opened, has only been used one time, or the things I might have used a couple of times and have been lost in the abyss of lonely gadgets. Mind you all of these items had been purchased with 100% good intent but my follow through was not so hot!

Now I have narrowed down the things I can evaluate further!

I have my gadgets I cannot live without.

My dry ingredient measuring cups, measuring spoons, my large liquid measuring cup.

I use all of these for both baking and cooking so they are keepers.

My metal and glass mixing bowls are great for multiple reasons but I can tell you these are essential in any kitchen that does more than facilitate take out food.

My hand held electric mixer and my standup counter mixer are both items I love but if I could only take one of them to a deserted island I would take the handheld for sure.

My simple white serving set for all of my baking, events, and anything I want to make look pretty. Of course I have the Perslice because it works for my aesthetic and I don't need the 5 pie and cake serving things I had which never really served my desserts properly to begin with.

I also absolutely love my icing kit and all of the attachments, I use this every time I make a cake or a cupcake.

My pie and cake pans are not going anywhere either, I need all of the sizes and I will forfeit 7 of my 10 saucepans because I really only need 3 if I am being honest with myself.

The last thing I really use all of the time when I bake is my rubber spatula.

When I looked at all of the things I had collected in a trance like state of shopping madness I was astonished how many things I really thought I needed but I never had used, its a little bit concerning but I also realized I will be donating a lot of things other people will certainly enjoy cluttering up their cabinet space with now. Good deed and a clear head at last!

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